Atlassian Bonfire 1.0 is a new agile testing tool that allows users to quickly test their web applications and report any bugs that arise. Bonfire integrates with all major browsers to allow rapid capture of comprehensive bug reports when testing web applications.

In today's agile software development teams, the responsibility of quality rests with everyone on the team. While QA engineers often provide comprehensive testing, developers and managers alike also perform tests to detect bugs early and frequently, which helps to accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Bonfire has four key features for allowing teams to test early and often:

  • Submitting bugs directly from the application that's being tested
  • Add annotated screenshots with each bug
  • Setup test sessions to track activity against a requirement or user story
  • Create bug report templates to pre-populate meta-data and repetitive content

Users can access Bonfire from within any of the major internet browsers, test their applications, and then submit a JIRA bug report without leaving their screen.

For more information (and a free 30-day eval) visit Like all of the other Atlassian tools, Bonfire is free for non-profit organizations and open source developers.