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    Turkish Java EE and Agile Mentoring Powerhouse Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the GA release of the Best JSF Component Suite on the planet, PRIMEFACES. Final release features 21 filed enhancements over the second release candidate. See the full changelog for detailed information.


    User’s Guide of 3.0 is available at documentation page. The good news is, this time we have added bookmarks to the pdf so that you can use the quick navigation with your pdf reader.


    Check out the downloads page to try out the 3.0 final release, for maven release, you just need to update the version to 3.0.


    Next planned milestone is 3.1 which is due mid february, it will contain at least 6 new components, implementation of popular feature requests, regular maintenance and some surprises. There might be 3.0.1 maintenance depending on the number of defect reports on 3.0.


    PrimeFaces is getting more mature everyday and one area we are not very strong is the testing part. To improve this, a major selenium suite is under heavy development by PrimeFaces QA-Test team. There are also plans to integrate other testing tools like JSFUnit, we’ll see how it goes.

    Backward Compatibility

    PrimeFaces is now 3 years old and we are aware that migrating from 2.x to 3.x is not trivial, however beginning with 3.0 backwards compatibility is one of our major goals. We took our time like 10 months to develop 3.0 so it is highly unlikely that there will be drastic changes in PrimeFaces anymore. Future is maintenance, new features and enhancements without hurting breaking backwards compatibility much.


    We have been studying WAI-ARIA for the past few weeks and we’re glad to reveal that there will be significant amount of work for accessibility in PrimeFaces 3.1.

    Official Announcement

    See the official announcement for detailed information.


  2. Prime Faces contractors?[ Go to top ]

    Contratulations on shipping GA 3.0. That's great and its looks good.

    I am looking for a constractor/consultant to take the plain current HTML user interface - which looks very Web 1.0ish - and update it using Prime Faces. This is for work on the PushToTest TestMaker platform. Where should I look to find someone?

    -Frank Cohen


  3. Hi Catagay,

    Your introductory announcement message containing the text "Turkish Java EE and ..." can land you in a misery if you're not lucky. Did you know that many Americans believe products not made in America aren't good enough? I must say though that it looks odd attaching your country to the product. I wonder what value it adds to your product quality.


  4. I agree with you Jan.

  5. Interesting detail.

  6. Interesting detail.

  7. let that trouble rumble then![ Go to top ]

    let that trouble rumble then! soon they will now about these youngturks. It's a shenanigan but nothing more...

  8. Rate the product, not the country...[ Go to top ]

    This says more about the way of thinking of those guys than about PrimeFaces...