AMQP meets JMS: SwiftMQ 9.0 implements AMQP 1.0 specification


News: AMQP meets JMS: SwiftMQ 9.0 implements AMQP 1.0 specification

  1. We are proud to announce SwiftMQ 9.0 which provides world's first production-ready, fully JMS-integrated implementation of the AMQP 1.0 specification. AMQP is the new standard wire-level protocol for messaging and as such can be seen on the same level as HTTP. The finalized specification is currently in transition to an OASIS standard and will then become an ISO standard. 

    IIT Software is a member of the AMQP Working Group and the OASIS Technical Committee and as such an active contributor to AMQP.

    For more information about SwiftMQ's AMQP 1.0 implementation:

    Flyer "AMQP meets JMS"

    SwiftMQ 9.0.0 contains a new AMQP Swiftlet which is part of all SwiftMQ Router distributions so customers with valid maintenance will have AMQP 1.0 support out of the box without additional charge. There is also a free AMQP 1.0 client implementation available which can be used with other AMQP 1.0 brokers as well.


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    Congrats on the release, Andreas. It's been a while since I've heard updates from SwiftMQ. A couple quick questions:

    1) Did you have requests for AMQP support? What seems to be driving the requests?

    2) How do you test AMQP interop testing?


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

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    Hi Cameron,

    nice to hear you again after such a long time. TSS seems to have calmed down. ;-)

    Good questions!

    No, there were no request from customers. They are all happy with JMS so far. But I see a big opportunity by implementing a real (upcoming) OASIS and ISO standard. I don't need to explain the opportunities to you if we all talk the same wire protocol. And it's not that difficult to implement (only difficult to understand, because it's damn flexible). It took 6 month from zero (starting with the codec) to a production-ready broker and client implementation (which uses the infrastructure of a SwiftMQ Router). 

    Interop testing has been done between the members of the AMQP Working Group on so-called connect-a-thons and is still an ongoing process. SwiftMQ provided a test suite recently and I'm sure others will follow. But we don't have a TCK yet so each peer must be tested against each other.



  4. For Cloud Providers[ Go to top ]

    Forgot to metion the most important point:

    It's not only the dual standard access JMS and AMQP 1.0 but broker-side it has JDBC or LDAP authentication, exact accounting to charge customers by volume and SNMP management. So it is the perfect system for cloud providers.