We are glad to announce the immediate availability of YourKit Java Profiler 11.

It can be downloaded at http://www.yourkit.com/download/



  - CPU tracing overhead dramatically reduced, especially for multithreaded applications.
    Applications run with CPU tracing up to 3 times faster comparing with the previous version.

  - J2EE high-level profiling: overhead reduced

  - CPU tracing in attach mode


  - New feature: Web applications view distributes snapshot objects by web application

  - New feature: sampled allocation recording option dramatically reduces allocation recording overhead

  - Allocation recording: new feature: recorded objects can be distributed by how long they exist

  - Profiler needs less memory to calculate paths to GC roots, which is critical
    when analyzing huge snapshots with millions of objects

  - Scalability improvement: it is now possible to open a memory snapshot with more than
    2 billion references in total

  - Improvement: added startup option usedmemhprof to automatically capture a HPROF snapshot
    when used heap memory reaches a threshold.

  - Memory snapshot loading time improved

  - UI: faster string by pattern search for some patterns

  - Peak memory usage is slightly lower when loading some memory snapshots


  - Deadlock detector is now able to detect deadlocks which are not otherwise reported by
    standard Java mechanism which detects only Java-level deadlocks

  - Thread telemetry now also shows CPU usage graph under the thread states

  - To improve readablity, precision of time shown on labels in telemetry graphs now
    depends on the chosen scale (seconds, minutes, hours).


  - "Copy Column Value to Clipboard" popup menu action allows to copy particular column

  - Stack traces in telemetry and quick info: a sequence of recursive calls is collapsed

  - Popup menu actions "Close All Tabs" and "Close All Tabs but This" are also available for the
    left vertical tab group representing connected profiling applications and opened snapshots


  - Agent: optimization: bytecode instrumentation takes up to 50% less time

  - Agent: optimization: some intrinsic methods of JVM core classes have been excluded
    from instrumentation, to reduce overhead in applications actively using them

  - Added startup option logdir to customize the profiler agent log directory.
    In particular, it helps accessing the log for applications running as Window service.

  - Added ability to specify alternate location for the profiler files


  - NetBeans: "Profile" action supported in Scala projects

  - Eclipse: simplified profiling under Virgo Web Server from EclipseRT


  - Capture snapshot on high memory usage trigger templates now offer to capture either a HPROF snapshot
    or a memory snapshot in the profiler format

See complete list of changes at http://www.yourkit.com/changes/