TheServerSide J2EE Community celebrates first birthday


News: TheServerSide J2EE Community celebrates first birthday

  1. On May 17 2000, The Middleware Company launched Exactly one year later, TheServerSide J2EE Community has grown to over 92,000 members! Weve collected 34 patterns, 45 application server reviews, hundreds of news posts, thousands of discussions and over 20 articles. Thanks to everyone who helped build this amazing place, we could not have done it without you! Happy Birthday TheServerSide!

    The next year will be an exciting one. TheServerSide is no longer a one man operation, we now have a team that will be working hard to bring you some really cool features in the following months:

    Cookies! Yay, no more logging in. :)
    Preview functionality for posting messages.
    Email integration with our forums - you can subscribe to the news forum or be emailed answers to your questions.
    Polls and surveys - Users will be able to submit survey questions to the rest of the community.

    And much more!

    Got a TheServerSide wishlist? Add it here!

    Happy Birthday TheServerSide!

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  2. It would be very useful if TheServerSide provides 'advanced search' functionality to specify the exact search criteria for this site.
  3. Yeah, Kudos to theServerSide. Its been a very excellent resource and a first Port of call for moi. Thanks to ED Roman, I think he made this happen by releasing his book on this site free (thats how I got to know the serverside).

    As for search facility, I think you guys should look at the Lucene 100% java search engine - it works great with Jive !
  4. Excellent!!!


    I learned a lot from this service.Thanks to all the members and Founders.

    Happiest Birthday!!!

    Lawrence Manickam
    Project Leader
    Bell Howell Inc
  5. Congratulations for, the best portal for enterprise developers.

    IMHO It's originality is that it provides REALY USEFUL information, has a great community, clear structure and isn’t overloaded with advertising.

    I wish second year to bring further improvements and extensions to this site.

    It will be pretty cool to have information repository on pluggable services/vertical stack solutions that is based on J2EE ( component CRMs, Workflow m., etc.).
    These could also include information on ebXML, CWM, and other enterprise level specifications and their implementations. These themes are both rather new and sophisticated, so peoples from the community could share their experience and personal opinion not only on J2EE as such, but all it's concomitant applications. May be this is a subject of a separate portal?
    But AFAIK there is no TheServerSide equivalent in this area (Of cause there are sites like ITtoolbox, DMReview, ect., but they are different in structure and direction.)
  6. Time to celebrate and congratulate TheServerSide team for their incredible efforts!!!
    Have you guys ever been considering something on the lines of Duke Dollars in the java.sun site to recognize outstanding contributions in TheServerSide discussions. It may be a good idea as it not only encourages participation but also improves the quality of the discussion.

    Thanks and Happy Birthday!
  7. Congrats. has been a great resource for last one year.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Great resource indeed...
  9. Congratulations for this great site!
    Keep going...
  10. A great site, happy birthday to theserverside!

    Recognizing outstanding contributions to the community, as already suggested in this thread, is an excellent idea.

    More advanced searching would also be good. How many discussions are there on how to do security in EJB! :-)

    The site is great, keep it going like this!


  11. Happy birthday.

    Congratulations. This has been a great resource.
  12. Hi all,

    Excellent one stop site for all the J2EE resources. Expecting more in the future


  13. My best wishes to the entire team and each and every java developer. Just lets go out all out and strong and prove that company, somewhere in the Northwest Coast of USA that Java is here to live and yes live for a long long time. And let them not succeed in their nefarious plans of ... what do they call it .BET, .DEAD ... WHAT IS IT. Anyway who cares... Kudos to all and lets keep the spirit of Java alive for a long long time to come.
  14. Congratulations.
    You're the best J2EE portal on the net.

  15. Happy birthday to
    A great place I love to visit everyday.


  16. Hi Floyd,

    I've been following the serverside almost daily for the last six months. Thanks to u, ED and the whole Team in providing a greate resource for serverside programmers.

  17. Thanks every one!

     I hope every one has had time to recover from their intense TSS birthday celebrations! :)

      We could not have done it without the community, who have used the site and help build it and spread the word. Keep up the great work!

      Basil, your suggestion for a 'directory' of J2EE tools and J2EE based solutions is actually on the drawing board right now, and will likely be implemented towards the end of July.

    Thanks everyone!

  18. Hi,

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work!