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    hello Floyd,

    I recently went through your presentation slides about the architecture of . It was a very good presentation.

    I am with the Technology Group of a System Integration company here in the valley: and my question is: What was the effort that it took you to build this portal? I am putting together a metrics database and information about the number of programming resources and days elapsed would be of use.

    Thanks and Regards

    - U

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    Hi Uday,

        Sorry for the delay in response. Including design, documentation, testing and deployment, took about 250 man hours.

    hope this helps,


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    hi Floyd,

    Thanks a lot for sending me that information. It definitely helps. I think it is a great idea to use the J2EE technology itself to build a site about J2EE. Would you be adding more information about the other J2EE technologies like JMS and JNDI in the Discussions section?