problem in creating connection pool(reposted )..urgent


EJB programming & troubleshooting: problem in creating connection pool(reposted )..urgent

  1. Hi friends,
        Sorry for reposting the message for the third time.But I couldn't solve the problem with the suggested solutions .

    There is a problem in creating connection pool when the wl5.1 starts.I have checked out everything but i couldn't trace out the error.

    My setting in the file is:

    and database and table exists and i have given the correct path for oci driver(i think so...) . Now the error the wl5.1 server shows while starting is:

    Wed May 23 23:17:37 BST 2001:<I> <JDBC Pool> Creating connection pool demoPool with:
    refreshMinutes=10 poolName=demoPool loginDelaySecs=0 testTable=ejbAccounts maxCa
    pacity=10 allowShrinking=true driver=weblogic.jdbc.oci.Driver aclName=weblogic.j
    dbc.connectionPool.demoPool capacityIncrement=2 initialCapacity=4 url=jdbc:weblo
    gic:oracle shrinkPeriodMins=15
    Wed May 23 23:17:38 BST 2001:<I> <JDBC Pool> Sleeping in createResource()
    Wed May 23 23:17:39 BST 2001:<E> <JDBC Pool> Failed to create connection pool "demoPool"
    weblogic.common.ResourceException: weblogic.common.ResourceException:
    Could not create pool connection. The DBMS driver exception was:
    java.sql.SQLException: "user" value unspecified in Properties
            at weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Driver.connect(
            at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnvFactory.makeConnection(Con
            at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnvFactory.createResource(Con
            at weblogic.common.internal.ResourceAllocator.makeResources(ResourceAllo, Compiled Code)
            at weblogic.common.internal.ResourceAllocator.<init>(ResourceAllocator.j

    I have specified the user name properly i am able to ping
    with "java util.dbping" and it show that the connection is successfull. Please help me out.If possible please post me the weblogic.propeties file.
                                Thank you
  2. May I suggest the weblogic newsgroup. They can answer your question in about 2 seconds. Try removing the last semicolon, my doesn't have it...

  3. Hi rahul,


    Try this

    put in URL yr ip address where yr oracle is installed and give the SID.

    Try the driver OracleDriver which u would find in\classes.Put that in your classpath.

    Hope it wld work

  4. Thanks guys!!!Now server is creating connection pool but i am facing a new problem the "table or view doesn't exist". I have posted it today!!!