After almost a year of development, the beta version of Vaadin 7 is finally here. Since the original mission statement, a lot has been done. While we did not manage to get in all of the planned features, we added some more - even managed to integrate the whole Google Web Toolkit into Vaadin.

Top new features in Vaadin 7

  • All of GWT is built-in
  • Forms are redesigned
  • SASS based themes
  • Faster layouts
  • High-level view management
  • Supports writing add-ons in JavaScript
  • Simplified widget development
  • Customize any widget with extensions

Some of the features postponed from Vaadin 7.0 include built-in server-push, JSP/JSF integration, full WAI-ARIA support and on the fly translation support. These will be added later on upcoming minor releases.

While beta is ready for your tests, many of the supporting projects are still incomplete: Ecliplse plugin need more work, Book of Vaadin is being written to document Vaadin 7 and demos are still missing. 

Learn more about the details and how to get started on this release blog post: