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    Which server is better WebSphere or WebLogic? Your opinion based on easy to learn ejb,easy to code ejb,Better performance of ejb.

  2. Which server is better WebSphere or WebLogic? Your >>opinion based on easy to learn ejb,easy to code >>ejb,Better performance of ejb

    Haven't compared the performance of Websphere versus Weblogic, so I can't comment on this. IBM does claim that Websphere is better performing and they have some metrics you can download on their site. Haven't seen any claims by Weblogic.

    Easier to learn, Weblogic. Easier to code, Weblogic. I found the IBM documentation bad. They have a lot of documentation available but
     - it's hard to find the relevant information and not organized well
     - it's inconsistent, giving you conflicting information

    Ideally coding should be the same since you are coding standard things, but I feel Websphere has dependencies on VisualAge. This makes you learn a new IDE. I actually like VisualAge but that's one more thing you need to know.

    My impression of Websphere in general is that it's "bulky."

    Can't say which is better, depends on your needs. Also, I have yet to come across a situation where the "better" product was chosen. Always it has to do with vendor relations, partnerships, what database you're using, etc.

    Hope that's helpful.

    Tinou Bao
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  3. Hi there
    Agree with Tinou Bao there are lots of concern when i really felt elusive to get along with IBm docs for webspehre again there are also lots of issues are also going abt what version of EJb specification either 1.1 or 1.0 does webspehre supports again ejb2.0 support is given by the weblogic only if any new announcement came into market from IBM then i am unaware of that.
    again last but not least we just cant propagate the race between two line of Techonologys both holds lot of imnportance according to the application need .
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  4. Boy this might start some sort of religious war here but I got to put my two cents in...

    We spent over 6 months evaluating both Weblogic, Websphere and many other app servers to see which server we should pick to power our site for J2EE. We even had IBM come in here for three weeks and write a "proof of concept" account inquiry java app looking up records on our corporate Oracle database. Of course they used Visual Age and deployed the app to a Websphere server running on WinNT and got it up and running. Then we took over...

    Using a load testing tool, WebLoad, we thrashed the code under all sorts of conditions and hit rates using multiple PCs as the load generators. We benchmarked the app's performance on Websphere first while the IBM reps watched. Then we load tested the same code deployed to different app servers running on different platforms including Websphere on Sun Solaris 2.6.

    After about two months of testing the winner came out...

    It was BEA's Weblogic 4.5.1 (this was in 1999) running on a Sun Solaris 2.6 so this is what we bought and still use to this day on our web site, www.agf.com.

    We have recently updated to Weblogic 5.1 SP9 and are updating to Sun Solaris 2.8 in June but our site is performing better than we ever hoped for or expected.

  5. Weblogic, hands down...

    Ive used WS2.3, and WS3.5, and also WL 4.51, 5.1, and 6.0, and I have to say WL6.0 is the best...(That is, if you can afford it!)

    Websphere 3.5 is a pain, development takes twice as long because it takes so much time to bounce, also at the time I evaluated it it did not support the current JSP or EJB spec as strictly as WL, nor did it support hot deploy or WAR/EAR files... Weblogic (6.0)is nice, because you can deploy Beans by just putting the jar file in the deployment directory, Weblogic automatically picks it up and deploys it for you while the server is running, no more scripts, etc. needed.(thanks Bea)

    Configuration on Websphere was a nightmare because there are a bazillion little files to modify, and the Admin Console is buggy, so you may find your
    self rebooting your machine often. I'm more a config file/command line guy myself, but I have to admit WebLogic 6.0's Configuration GUI is really nice.(as apposed to the buggy 5.1 and 4.51 versions which I used to edit the config files manually).

    Problems arise and Websphere will act like everything worked fine... (until you check the error logs or try to connect to a servlet).

    Websphere trys to install itself as a service, and also really wants you to install IBM's Webserver with it so it plays nice together...

    In general, my first experience with application server development was with Websphere, and I almost quit my job... when I eventually tried out Weblogic, I thought "why in the world would anyone use Websphere?"... guess it's because IBM has so many "you scratch my back, I'll scratch your's parter relationships". By the way, I heard (from a reliable IBM source) 50% of the Websphere 3.5 development team quit IBM after the beast was released... thats why the documentation sux, and the support is horrible.


  6. Weblogic rules!
    I have been working on WL 5.1 & 6. I am trying to move my ejbs' to Websphere and the experience has the really bad(that is the mildest word!). Websphere is so bulky for starters, req 512MB vs 128 for WL. Documentation..hopeless!
    They talk so much about integration that u are rendered helpless without using Visual Age for Java! Man..who wants to learn to use an IDE at this time!
    So much talk about J2EE write once run anywhere!I thought that I can take my EJB jar file and change some basic Deployment Descriptor setting and migrate! But then..the ugly truth is..Websphere v3.5 released last year, supports EJB v1.0 so I had to change code etc and write some more classes etc! I am still doing the migration and it is already 1 month!
    Weblogic is so sweet and logical to use. The v6.0 is a cracker.
    Frankly.. I dont know how IBM could even hype Websphere suite knowing how abysmal it is! I wont even put a cent on this!