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  1. Which application servers currently provide support for WML?
    So far I found Enhydra 3.0, which is an open souurce app server.

  2. I think ATG dynamo 5.0 beta version provides support

  3. Today BEA announced: they intergrated their app server with the Nokia WAP. They call it WebLogic's M-Commerce Solution.
  4. Depends what you mean for support:

    if you mean a server that supports the serving/dynamic generation of wml pages, then there's tons of stuff.

    for example, you can write jsp pages that generate wml. the only real difference (beyond wml syntax) is the addition of the following line:


  5. <VENDOR>

    Check out iAnywhere Solutions http://www.ianywhere.com and their wireless server built ontop of Sybase EAServer.


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