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EJB programming & troubleshooting: .ear file error in WebLogic 6.0

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    I am using weblogic6.0 to deploy my EJB applications.

    I made .ear file with 20 .jar files(all EJB classes).It deployed without error.But when I try add some non EJB .jar files ,the weblogic6.0 throws this error.

    <Jun 17, 2001 8:29:37 PM EDT> <Error> <J2EE> <Error deploying EJB Component : emailrun.jar
    weblogic.ejb20.EJBDeploymentException: Failure reading deployment descriptor:D:\bea\wlse
    ns\.wl_temp_do_not_delete\wl_local_comp65416.jar is not valid; nested exception is:
            java.io.FileNotFoundException: META-INF/ejb-jar.xml not found in jar file
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: META-INF/ejb-jar.xml not found in jar file

    In fact,emailrun contain non ejb classes.I dont know why it expects ejb-jar.xml:(

    In the application.xml ,I define all the ejb .jar's in the following format.


    Is there any other tag to define to Non EJB classes .jar file in application.xml?

    I appreciate your help.

  2. Utility classes (non-EJB JAR files) go into the META-INF CLASSPATH (see J2EE) spec for details on setting this up.

    This features isn't available in WLS 6.0, but it is available in WLS 6.1.

  3. Tyler

    Thank you very much.I am ok now:)

    May be tomorrow,I will write my weblogic6.0 implementation experience(Advantages/Disadvantages) in the reviews column.