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       May we configure weblogic to setup house-clean before session timeout?
       For example, we want server to release token hold by the user when this user's session automatically timeout by the web server.

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    I believe this is part of the standard servlet api...

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    I do not think so. It is configuration in the servlet container.
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    check out javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionBindingListener.
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    what will javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionBindingListener do?

    (I don't know how to get this information, do I have to install a servlet-doc for Jbuilder?)
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    Well if you're doing any sort of servlet development you should have the J2EE javadoc handy. I don't use JBuilder so I don't know what comes bundled with it. You can download the J2EE documentation from

    Any object that implements this interface and then is put into the HttpSession will be send a message when the value is removed from the HttpSession. For example, if the session times out and is destroyed, the object will be sent a notification of the cleanup.

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    Thanks a lot! However, Can you provide an example? It is not clear on how to do when I read the java DOC
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    I got an example from Jason Hunter's Java Servlet Programming.