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     im facing a strange problem.I m designing a CMP bean I have successfully created the output jar file. I m using SQLserver as my backend. Operating system windows 98. The problem is When i m starting my weblogic server, it is saying login failed with user 'sa' -jdbcodbc exception.
    But the datasource is correct and i tested it. Infact, i could even log into sqlserver using this. I m attaching the properties file.
    Can u tell me what's the error

  2. I guess mistake is in password.password is (blank) ,you change password as password= and try
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    Hello This is Harish

    in your property file fragment

    "props=user=sa;password=none;server=local "

    remove server=local

    it should be "props=user=sa;password=none"

    because while configuring DSN(data Source Name) you will be specifying the server to which it will be communicating