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  1. Hi Everbody,

    My application is Client Server Application over the net and I have approximately 1000 concurrent users reading the data from the database. No updates.

    Basically transaction is not involved.

    Since business logic is not involved , is there any need of using a application server. It is not possible to deploy my application in a simple web server.

    Please suggest.


  2. Nitin,

    with app servers u not only get benifits like transaction handling but others like data caching, object caching, object pooling etc. it seems ur application can definitely use these features.

  3. Hi, I have a similar question .....

    Need suggestions on EJB's and application Servers

    I have written a application, which could potentially be used by 1000 to 10000 customers at a time. Presently most of our logic is written in JSP and Beans(i.e classes ) wherever we find a jsp logic can be put as a utility function.....Our database functions ( to fetch, add and delete..etc ) are also writtent in these beans....

    I have been wondering....reading all sort of documents....if it makes sense to convert these Beans as EJB's....and does it make sense. If so, what benefits do I see out of EJB's over beans....especillay considering that we then have to purchases a expsive Application server for that....

    I also use many third party Jar files for my application...

    Can you please make suggetions on this EJB Model benefits over simple classes.....especially for database use...

    Presntly I use Tomcat or IPlanet WebServer 6.0 ( JSP/Servlet containers and web servers ) for my use...

    Please point me to some articles online which could support this app server expense over simple Jar classes...

    Thanks a lot....

    Sanjay S
  4. Dear Sanjay,

    Application Server are very costly. Secondly every year you will have to pay some fixed amount.

    Instead of having application server, if can have multi server put into clusters then the same scalability can be achieved but only problem is I will have to balance against cost. Secondly I will have to check the performance also.

    For online information , you can visit IBM site for websphere application server. I think here you will get some information.

  5. Dear Kapil,

    In my case business logic is not involved. I am only inserting and updating data. No transaction and no acid properties involved.

    I see no reason, like why I should go for EJBs. If required ,I can have multiple server installed in cluster and have some type of load balancing mechanism.

    Why to go for costly application server.