Java 8: Let’s deprecate those legacy libs


News: Java 8: Let’s deprecate those legacy libs

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    This post was originally published over at as part of a special series focusing on all things Java 8, including how take advantage of lambda expressions, extension methods, and other great stuff. You’ll find the source code on GitHub.

    Apart from Lambdas and extension methods, the JDK has also been enhanced with a lot of new library code, e.g. the Streams API and much more. This means that we can critically review our stacks and – to the great joy of Doctor Deprecator – throw out all the garbage that we no longer need.

    Here are a couple of them, just to name a few:

    LINQ-style libraries

    There are lots of libraries that try to emulate LINQ (i.e. the LINQ-to-Collections part). We’ve already made our point before, because we now have the awesome Java 8 Streams API. 5 years from today, no Java developer will be missing LINQ any longer, and we’ll all be Streams-masters with Oracle Certified Streams Developer certifications hanging up our walls.



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  2. Project Jigsaw should help![ Go to top ]

    FWIW - Java 9 will introduce modularity at the Java platform level, which will finally allow Java to "drop" (make optional) various parts of the JDK.


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

  3. Let's hope so! :-)[ Go to top ]

    That's great! You guys are really doing awesome work. I'm looking forward to Java 9 very much (including value types and potentially, declaration-site variance)

  4. Let's hope so! :-)[ Go to top ]

    I'm just crossing my fingers that Jigsaw stays on schedule! It's been seven years and several complete re-architectures so far -- it is a hard feature to (a) get right and (b) add to a platform that tries hard to maintain backwards compatibility!


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle