Connection to Oracle through IBM WebSphere


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Connection to Oracle through IBM WebSphere

  1. What type of drivers can i use in IBM WebSphere while connecting to Oracle?
    Any classpath settings are needded for this?

    How to set the class path for this.

  2. You can use type 4 driver.
    This is supplied by Oracle and is free of cost.
    You can down load the file from Oracles official site.
    The file name is

    Once you get it, you have to install the driver for WebSphere.
  3. if you install websphere (3.5.x) and choose oracle as the db option, the installation will configure the admin.config file for you, setting the classpath to the drivers etc.
    drop me a line and I can send you my config files...
    [email protected]