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  1. weblogic servlets deployment? (2 messages)

    weblogic suggest a servlets need corresponding XML file to specifiy its mapping.I heard that there is some way needn't deploying.Any one knows ps. tell me

    thanks in advance
  2. hai,
        Please save your servlet class files to <root>\weblogic\examples\servlets or any of its subdirectories. Please register your servlet by editing the weblogic.properties file in weblogic home directory
       weblogic.httpd.register.snoop=examples.servlets.SnoopServlet where snoop may be servlet name and SnoopServlet the name of the class file. I think this might help
  3. My weblogic is 6.0 version.There is no weblogic.properties file nor the weblogic directory.I wish I needn't do anything after I put the servlet class into a directory including registry procedure.Can I get that?
    Thank you very much