JAXB Is Doing It Wrong; Try Xembly


News: JAXB Is Doing It Wrong; Try Xembly

  1. JAXB Is Doing It Wrong; Try Xembly (3 messages)

    JAXB is a 10-year-old Java technology that allows us to convert a Java object into an XML document (marshalling) and back (unmarshalling). This technology is based on setters and gettersand, in my opinion, violates key principles of object-oriented programming by turning objects into passive data structures. I would recommend you use Xembly instead for marshalling Java objects into XML documents.

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  2. over oracle supported jaxb ?

    what a way to market yourself   TSS has lost its audience , quality and everything else.  

  3. Lost the plot[ Go to top ]

    Coupling technical services, like XML generation, with business data just reduces flexibility. My business object is now stuck with your suspisious concept and if I want to switch to some other XML framework, I have to change the code.

    You may continue your invention by adding toString(), toCSV(), toJSON() etc to your business class.


  4. I use JAXB with Spring for my web services and I do not need setters and getters for my domain objects. Each domain object is immutable and uses an embedded builder pattern.

    Moreover, I don't want any extra logic in my domain value objects beyond toString(), hashCode() and equals(). I only want to pass property values around.