Mapping an existing relational database to entity beans


General J2EE: Mapping an existing relational database to entity beans

  1. Hi all !

    I have been around this site and others for a long time now looking for info about how to map a relational database to entity beans.
    Are there "patterns" , guidlines or anything out there ?
    I think I have to start att the backend and learn how that can be done before desceding on a pattern for transporting the data to the client.
    Hope that the community know of some URL:s to visit.


    Jan Nilsson
  2. One more thing ....

    I found a few articals (finally) about mapping relational databases with OO. There are several good articals here -->

    But it looks like I have to ad a unique ID to all my tables in the database, today whe often have composite keys made up of buissnes columns ie ordernum, customernum etc.

    Is that true that an entity bean only can work with "one-column keys" ? (Or does it just work better ?)

    I thought that you could implement a ejbFindByPrimaryKey method that used several parameters to read the database (BMP).

    Jan Nilsson