Setting classpath during EJBC - compilation, terrible problems


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Setting classpath during EJBC - compilation, terrible problems

  1. Hi all,

    I've got some problems with setting my classpath using the ejbc tool. I've got a jar to deploy called user.jar which depends on some jar made by other guys in the company called prof.jar

    if I set the classpath with the following command it doesn't work (the paths are ok, trust me :)

    <code>set classpath=prof.jar;weblogicaux.jar;weblogic/classes<br>
    java weblogic.ejbc user.jar user-d.jar</code>

    I get a classnotfoundexception from a class located in the prof.jar! If I set the classpath to the ejbc-tool it doesn't work either:

    <code>java weblogic.ejbc -classpath prof.jar user.jar user-d.jar</code>

    SAME ERRORS... What is it with this classpath using ejbc and is there some alternative?????

    thnx in advance...


  2. hello Alef,

    What we do in our shop when specifying class paths is to give the fully qualified name of the directories containing the jars. I see from your code that you have specified relative paths. Could you please change that to FQP names and see whether that works? It might....