How to setup an EJB development env using weblogic?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to setup an EJB development env using weblogic?

  1. How to setup an EJB development env using weblogic? (3 messages)

    I am in process of developing a "typical" J2EE application using weblogic as the application server,
    what's still bothering me, is the unefficient development env set-up, that means I create JSP or Java source files with an editor, compile them and put them to the right places (paths or jars)

    Can anyone describe a nice set-up using an IDE, Debugger, some other tools for developing such applications?
    Debugging my EJBs or JSPs with a visual tool is one of the main issues!

    Thx for any hints,
    -- Stefan.
  2. Try WebGain Studio. It's an IDE that integrates Visual Cafe Enterprise Edition and WebLogic 5.1. You can deploy and debug you app. within IDE.

    Hope this helps.

    Steve Hu
  3. Thank you, Steve, for your suggestion!
    I used to work with Visual Cafe some years ago (2.0), and it was quite unstable and buggy.
    Some friends, who tried it weblogic4.5.1 with VC 4.0, told the same stories.

    Do you have hands-on experience with the new Webgain Studio?
    I downloaded the Trialversion (327 MB!!!) and can't even unpack it!

    -- Stefan.
  4. Hi,
      Have u tried Kawa from It is a good tool for writing and compling EJB / Servlet with Weblogic.
    I have tried this tool and I am happy with this.

    I have also worked with webgain and its realy a huge bundle. It takes lot of resources and very difficult to work with it. By the time u understand different options available the software expires.