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    Hi ,

    i'am doing a project related to ejb and jsp with weblogic 5.1 ,when i'am calling a bean in jsp file using useBean tag,i'am getting the error ClassNotFoundException

    pl can u tell me where to place the class file of bean
    (i tested the class files in weblogic\classes,weblogic\myserver\servletclasses,serverclasses)


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      Make sure you have given the package name.It's better to give a constructor for you bena implementation.You can store the bean in Classes Dir.
    Regards .
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    Thanx yogesh for ur reply .
    Yah in bean impl i used constructor,and accesing the class with package aslo, still facing the same problem

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    Try to put the bean in the global classpath.
    Be careful with the different class loaders