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       Our organization is going to work on Java, Oracle, EJB, CORBA on the Solaris platform. Before we go in for the purchases, I need to ensure that the components we buy are compatible with each other. So I need to find out the best compatibilities.

      For instance, If we go for Solaris 7, I need to know the best compatible Oracle version (say 8.1.7). Then I need to know which version of Java seamlessly works with these Solaris and Oracle versions. Next comes the issue of which Java server (and its version) to use. And similarly the compatible versions of CORBA and EJB.

      If anyone has previous experience (good / bad) on this, I shall be grateful for the inputs provided.
    Thanx in advance, Shantanu.
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      I am not sure what you mean by compatible versions of CORBA and EJB... the latest released specs are 2.4 for CORBA and 1.1 for EJB. Compatibilty between these two paradigms can be a very complex issue. Check out this URL on the IONA website for CORBA-EJB compatilbity issues.


  3. It depends on what AppServer you choose...
    There are some, or at least have been, problems with combining Websphere, Oracle, and Solaris.
    I cannot recall the exact version numbers, but check with IBM and Oracle before purchasing the licenses.

    /Henrik Engstrom

    PS. If I where you I wouldn't go with Websphere anyway (if you have considered it) but that's another story. DS.