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    I am Java developer that doesn’t have any experience with J2EE technology. Please give me advise:
    1. What good books about it that I should buy.
    2. Maybe some good training, information sites that I should visit.
    3. Any other suggestions.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Hi Ron,

    well, it depends on your work/study way. For example:

    1) A main book: Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in java". Mainly J2SDK.

    2) Ed Roman's "Mastering Enterprise Java Beans". DonĀ“t be afraid for the title (It covers all the J2EE world)

    3) java.sun.com, of course!!! And the "Blueprints" site into it.

    Well, this is excelent for a good start.

    Good luck, pal.

    Regards, Jesus.
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    About the book part, I wouldn't buy "Mastering EJB" if I were you to get me started. It's a reasonable basic book, but by now it's gotten a bit old. For instance, I don't see any reason to start learning the EJB1.1 persistence model now, when EJB2.0 has completely replaced it.
    "Mastering EJB 2.0" should be coming out in a while, although judging by the first one it may be a little too elementary... depends on what you're going to work on.

    I'd also get a version of the latest spec (2.0 final). It's too formal for most people as reading material, but it can be very useful when you want an authorative answer.

    BTW - I also think "Thinking in Java" and "Thinking in C++" is a must have... And you can download it for free to see if you like it.

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    The number one book you shoudl get is Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition by Wrox Press;


    The Topical Index at;


    is a very good resource.