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    We're trying to put together our testing environment, and we're looking for what is available for testing our stateless session beans. Basically we have two sets of needs at the moment: the first is structural unit-testing of all the bean methods (over a wide range of inputs, and preferably with every line of bean code including exceptions being run by the tester), and the second is an easy to use generic client for use with hand-debugging. There are other testing needs, of course, but they can wait until later.

    For the unit testing our need is for an environment where we can write testing scripts quickly / easily / reusably. JUNIT seems the most popular choice for this, but are there others I'm not aware of?

    For hand testing we really just need a user-friendly generic client; something that will detect our beans and methods and let us feed method calls to them. We already have a powerful remote-debugging tool, but remote-debugging is no help unless you have a way to trigger the method you need to debug. I have had no success at all finding a good non-commercial solution for this; should I build one myself? And if I do, would a standalone application client be better, or a set of JSP pages to let me invoke remote methods via a web form?

    Or, am I totally off-track in how I'm imagining testing our beans?
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    Have you checked out the Jakarta Cactus project? It is a framework that sits on top of JUnit and makes testing server side components a lot easier.