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    do you know a good J2EE standards based Portal software? We are currently planning to build a corporate portal to give our business partners access to some internal information of our company.

    Personally I like the software Jahia from Xo3. Any other suggestions?


    Thorsten Klusemann

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    You should check out BEA WebLogic Portal -- it's 100% J2EE and has some slick capabilities with content management, personalization, campaign management, and administration.

    You could also check out Plumtree and Netcentric.
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    I am currently evaluating the ePortal v.2.3 framework from SilverStream, and the results of this evaluation summarized at this point are as follows:

    Positive bullet-points:
    * The framework actually includes a Content Management system unlike the Personalization/Comerce Server from BEA.

    * The user management part of the framework seems to be quit ok.

    Negative bullet-points:
    * The Componet (implemented by a an <S3 tag> pseudo tag) idea seems to originate from the pre JSP times

    * The framework is NOT J2EE compilant, i.e. you are currently only able to deploy the framework (v .2.3) on a SilverStream app. server.

    * According to the manuals it should be possible to use an Oracle 8.1.7 database to store the tables used by the framework however this doesn't seems to work right, I have tried both the thin Oracle JDBC driver and the Oracle JDBC driver provided by SilverStream with out any luck.

    * To be trendy SilverStream has bundled the Struts framework with new release of their app. server, however they do not come up with any design guidelines on how to integrate the ePortal framework with the Struts framework beside from using plain tag libraries.

    Kind regards
    Jorgen Fastrup
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    Are there any open source Portal packages?