MS Sql 7.0 Server. Simple question.


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    Hi All

    I'm using Weblogic 5.0 and would like to configure it for
    SQL 7.0 . What steps do I need to perform ? Where can I get information on this ?

    The Weblogic pdf's talk specifically about Oracle drivers.


    shanlz at yahoo dot com
  2. For MS SQL Server I used JDBC driver by i-net software - worked great.

    the website is:
  3. As suggested above try i-net software driver. We were using it with WebLogic in a rather big project. We had no choice, it was the only JDBC driver supporting polish character set (as I now, this feature was recently added to BEA drivers). The i-net drivers performs well (we finished development in December'99 and since that it is working in target environement).
  4. Hi,

    I would suggest to try first WebLogic JDBC drivers, since you are using WebLogic maybe you can get them for free. BEA has one for MS SQL Server. I did not try it in production but I tried it during evaluation and it was working well.

    Best regards,

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    Use the MSSQLServer4 kit Version 7 , this is the jdbc driver provided by Weblogic. You can download this driver free from bea site.
       While using be careful with the classpaths.