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News Mirah - a Ruby-like syntax for Java 5 November 29, 2010 Last post by: Philip Green
News Take the Java EE 6 Developer Surveys 8 July 20, 2009 Last post by: augustientje bloem
News @Composite - Macro Annotations for Java 3 June 25, 2009 Last post by: Victor Jan
News Calling All BEA Developers 47 June 25, 2008 Last post by: Will Lyons
News Pure servlets: Designing Web UIs for Simplicity 54 March 28, 2007 Last post by: Paul Copeland
News Executing business validations using OT Rules 8 December 17, 2006 Last post by: Guillermo Meyer
News JRockit's Liquid VM could be the first real Java OS 11 December 11, 2006 Last post by: Deepak Batra
News Is Java losing to LAMP and .NET? 182 December 15, 2005 Last post by: George Jiang
News Millstone UI Library and Web Adapter 3.1, released 5 December 05, 2005 Last post by: Sami Ekblad
News Alternatives to JAXP - JDOM and StAX 24 November 18, 2005 Last post by: Victor Jan
News Possibilities for Annotations in JSF 16 September 16, 2005 Last post by: Jacob Hookom
News IBM joins the group, with an open letter to Sun 54 February 26, 2004 Last post by: Cameron Purdy
News Announcing JFox 1.0 Open Source J2EE Appserver 14 October 04, 2003 Last post by: levin lee
News April Fools: Microsoft Acquires 111 April 01, 2003 Last post by: Abdel Hamid El Refaiy
Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks Unable to print 'Chinese' through JavaScript.....please help 5 October 13, 2001 Last post by: Kunal Kumar
EJB programming & troubleshooting I only get the last entity bean updated in a loop 4 October 13, 2001 Last post by: shuhu hao