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News What's the best developer-friendly open-source license for Java? 102 August 26, 2005 Last post by: Jesse C
News OnJava Article: Spring vs. EJB 3.0 53 August 04, 2005 Last post by: pankaj grover
News Macromedia launches New Rich Client Platform Flex 51 November 18, 2003 Last post by: sandra wendland
News Alleged Code Copying in Apache Geronimo spurs JBoss response 137 November 11, 2003 Last post by: Babu M.S
News Flux 5.2 job scheduler released, adds more job querying and GUI 12 November 08, 2003 Last post by: David Sims
News Opinion: Java Community hits out at .NET Progress 93 November 08, 2003 Last post by: ross henderson
News Opinion: Will Longhorn outflank Java rivals? 32 October 30, 2003 Last post by: XAMJ Working Group