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A simple data cache solves complex JavaScript problems

There are many barriers to improved web application performance, but using a data cache effectively can break down many of those performance barriers.

Amazon S3 outage: A guide to getting over cloud failures

Developers have taken the Amazon S3 outage and learned to build failover and resiliency into a Java cloud application. Learn about the dangers of moving apps to the cloud.

Versioning cloud applications using DevOps change management

There are many ways to go about versioning your cloud applications, but new approaches may need to be implemented when performing DevOps change management.

How AI helped to modernize recommendation engine technology

Find out how Pandora developed an AI application for building a better recommendation engine that combines novelty and comfort.

Edge device development and IoT security vulnerabilities

Security is problematic when software is deployed behind firewalls, but when you have edge devices out in the wild, IoT security vulnerabilities become even more of a concern.

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