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DevOps and the automated continuous delivery pipeline

Many organizations struggle to bring development and operations together, only to realize that effective DevOps means successfully automating a continuous delivery pipeline.

Improved applications sometimes has the power to save lives

Find out how improved application performance management to fine tune their website, increase donations, and make a difference around the world.

Data key to improving agriculture plant production performance

How is big data and IT helping the agriculture industry? By looking at information in new ways, technology is helping to improve plant production performance.

Hypothesis driven development as an evolutionary architecture

Learn how a new approach to evolving technical architectures promises to make it easier to test out hypothesis about business improvement, application performance, and user experience.

Will data standardization make cloud storage become a commodity?

Wouldn't it be nice if accessing cloud storage solutions were as easy as plugging in a toaster? Standardized data is the key. Cloud storage as a commodity is the future.

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