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5 ways to force garbage collection in Java

A developer can't technically force garbage collection in Java, but it can be made a priority. If you need to free up heap space, here are five ways to prioritize it in the JVM.

What developers can expect with new Jakarta EE release

What Oracle called the Java EE API is now called Jakarta EE API under the Eclipse Foundation. Here's what developers can expect in the Jakarta EE 9 release.

What makes an effective microservices logging strategy?

System size and scale play a big role in microservices logging. Follow these best practices to develop a solid logging strategy within a microservices architecture.

How to properly trace microservices workflows

How can you trace a tricky workflow in an asynchronous microservices-oriented architecture? Two options include correlation IDs and distributed tracing tools.

How do declarative and scripted pipelines differ?

Scripted pipelines were once the standard for CI/CD but they are nearly extinct, and since supplanted by declarative pipelines. See how they compare and when each works best.

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