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How developers can volunteer during COVID-19

DevOps pros can help local and state agencies battle COVID-19. Here are three ways they can volunteer their time during a pandemic.

3 ways to get JPA to create database tables for you

JPA frameworks such as Hibernate can automatically create tables. Here are three ways to have JPA and Hibernate create tables in a database.

Simple database integration with the JPA persistence.xml file

The persistence.xml file plays a significant role in all facets of JPA-based application development. Examine the file's properties for a simple configuration to ease development.

How 2 competing MySQL database engines compare

Data integrity, performance and transactional capabilities create the MyISAM vs. InnoDB data set debate for MySQL users. Compare the two to see which one makes sense for your data.

What's the difference between git stash apply and pop?

Do you want to save or delete your stash entries? Your choice will determine the outcome of the debate between the git stash pop and git stash apply command.

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