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How to git revert and fix your code base

The git revert command is commonly misunderstood. In this quick tutorial, we will show you exactly how the command works and how to perform a simple undo in your repo.

Iterator vs. ListIterator: Which interface should you choose?

When the need exists to manipulate an ordered collection, the Java Iterator runs out of steam. Learn how Java's ListIterator improves upon the more generic Iterator interface.

How to choose between REST vs. gRPC

Does your REST API and subsequent JSON or XML data create a bottleneck in your architecture? Perhaps it's time to consider gRPC instead of REST for your web services.

5 best Java 17 features that developers will love

The new Java 17 release contains plenty of new features that will intrigue developers. Here are five features that should push developers off the Java 11 LTS to JDK 17.

3 simple Java Hello World examples

Are you a developer who's new to Java? Here are three ways to write a Hello World program in Java on Eclipse and get started with the popular programming language.

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