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A simple git init tutorial for beginners

Follow this git init tutorial to create a local repository, add files to the repository and perform commits on your local machine as you get started with distributed version control.

How to connect and push your local Git repo to GitHub

Need to connect your local Git repository to a remote one? The git remote add command can make it happen. Developers call on it to push to GitHub and other cloud-based tools.

Simplify application development with Eclipse on Ubuntu

Software development is greatly simplified by an IDE, like Eclipse. In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to install the Eclipse IDE on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.

Simplify CI builds with a Jenkins Matrix project

In this Jenkins Matrix project plugin example, create a two-dimensional build job that runs 16 build jobs at once.

What's the difference between a primitive type and an object?

What's the difference between Java primitive types and objects? To start, don't classify primitive types as objects. Let's explore the 3.5 categories that primitive types fall into.

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