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How to download an older, specific version of UiPath Studio

Specific UiPath Studio Versions

Looking to download a specific version of UiPath Studio? It’s not an unusual ‘ask.’ After all, some robots require a software package suite that is associated with a specific UiPath Studio release, so to maintain them, a developer might need an older version of the UiPath Studio software.

Unfortunately, for those doing RPA development with the community edition of UiPath Studio, the tool will automatically update itself to the latest version. If a new version of the software comes out, UiPath Studio Community Edition (CE) will force an upgrade. If a developer tries to interrupt the update or stop it from happening, the software will ‘brick’ itself and be unusable.

However, there is a way around this restriction, although it’s somewhat expensive.

Stop automatic UiPath Studio updates

To download a  prior version of UiPath Studio, or to stop the software from updating itself automatically, you need to download and install the Enterprise Edition of the software. With an enterprise license, you can turn off automatic UiPath Studio updates, and you also have an opportunity to download an install prior releases. Unfortunately, a UiPath Studio Enterprise license costs several thousand dollars. It’s not likely the route a casual RPA developer would be interested in taking.

For those that only need temporary access to an older version of UiPath Studio, there is a 60 day enterprise trial. Many developers studying for the UiPath Associate Certification Exam have chosen this option. The current exam requires 20.8, but UiPath Studio CE is currently on version 21.4. Without a trial enterprise license, RPA developers can’t prove their skills in the correct version of UiPath Studio tested on the exam.

Download a prior UiPath Studio release

The link for the UiPath Studio download isn’t the obvious to find on the UiPath website. To get to the link, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a 60 day UiPath Studio Enterprise trial license
  2. Log into the UiPath Automation Cloud hub
  3. Click on the ‘Help’ link in the lower left hand corner
  4. In the ‘Download UiPath Studio’ tab select ‘Show older versions’
  5. Download the specific UiPath Studio version you wish to install

After the older version of UiPath Studio is installed, and you’ve coded a little UiPath Hello World program to make sure everything is working correctly, configure the settings not to automatically download and install updates. You will then remain on an older version of the software so long as your enterprise license remains valid.

specific old UiPath Studio download

An enterprise license allows you to download older UiPath Studio versions.