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Ten Jenkins quiz questions to test your install and config IQ

Here are 10 Jenkins questions designed to test your knowledge of the build tool. Think you know continuous integration well? Take this Jenkins quiz, and find out if you do.

TheServerSide has been running a number of introductory Jenkins tutorials lately, so it only seems fitting we'd test you with a Jenkins quiz to see how much you've learned.

Ten Jenkins quiz questions

This Jenkins quiz focuses largely on the installation and configuration of the popular continuous integration (CI) tool, but we're also going to ask some Jenkins questions that hit on the history and branding of the tool as well. But if you know how to get your installation up and running, this Jenkins quiz should be as simple as a lead-pipe cinch.

Next Steps

Mastered Git?

Have you mastered Git? Then maybe it's time to learn Jenkins. Check out these straight-forward, step-by-step Jenkins CI tutorial that will take you from novice to expert in a hurry.

Step 1 — Download Jenkins and install the CI tool

Step 2 — Create your first Jenkins build job tutorial

Step 3 — Inject Jenkins environment variables into your scripts

Step 4 — Fix annoying Jenkins plugin errors

Step 5 — Put the Jenkins vs Maven debate behind you

Step 6 — Learn to use Boolean and String Jenkins parameters

Step 7 — Do a Jenkins Git plugin GitHub pull

Step 8 — Reinforce your knowledge of the five basic Git commands 

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