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From Jenkins World to JavaOne, Docker and container technology pervades

It was a lot of fun covering Jenkins World last week, the DevOps and continuous integration conference that is making a habit out of taking place a week before the big OracleWorld conference that is taking place this week in San Francisco.  And while Jenkins World only tackles a small sliver of topics in comparison to the smorgasbord they deliver at JavaOne, it would seem that there’s a common theme between the two of them, and that’s the goal of catching up with the technology of containers and the ecosystem of container related technology, such as Docker Swarm and Kuberneties.

As part of our Jenkins World coverage, we pushed out two articles tackling container based technology from a two different angles, one of which was from Cloudbees CEO Sacha Labourey’s perspective on how organizations can tackle the challenge of Docker integration, with the other looking at how container based technology is impacting DevOps:

Easing Jenkins and Docker integration pains at Jenkins World 2016 with Sacha Labourey

Jenkins, DevOps, Microservices and Containers: Preparing developers for tomorrow’s technologies

Of course, not every Jenkins World story had a container angle, as DevOps and new Jenkins feature like the pipeline plugin certainly dominated the conversation.

Jenkins World 2016: Why Pipeline is so popular

DevOps adoption holds benefits for large and small organizations alike

Rounding out the coverage, we also have an interview with KK, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the Jenkins creator about some of the latest developments in the continuous integration and the continuous delivery world.

Moving on to JavaOne

As for JavaOne, container based technology is a dominant topic, which is an interesting sea change, as last year Docker and other containers were only just starting to get the attention they deserve. This year, the keynote included an announcement from George Saab, Vice President of Development at Oracle, that a Docker based packaging of the Java distribution will be part of the next release of the platform. The container based revolution is plotting itself very highly on the radar of the Java architects and platform designers.

Stick around for more coverage, including keynote summaries, video interviews with a number of Java visionaries and revolutionaries, and of course, information about the hottest sessions and coverage from the JavaOne exhibitor’s  floor.

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