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Modular tools

Modular tools enable rapid and simplified development of distributed, transactional, secure and portable applications based on Java technology. This section provides news and information, including product ideas and best practices for modular tools and techniques.

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  • Simple Docker image acquisition the key to IBM's container strategy 21 Jun 2016

    News - By making it easier for clients to acquire a Docker image, IBM hopes to see more enterprises adopting a container-based development strategy.

  • Get caught up debugging Java apps with containerization 04 Dec 2015

    News - At JavaOne 2015, consultant Daniel Bryant discusses how debugging Java apps within containerization is ramping up.

  • Red Hat preview: App performance with container-based systems 23 Jun 2015

    News - As the 2015 Red Hat Summit takes place, attendees are dealing with the fact that container-based systems have changed the game for app performance.

  • Devoxx for Kids at Fluent 27 Mar 2014

    Conference News - Learn about Devoxx for Kids, a computer programming educational nonprofit that was presented at Fluent.

  • OCPJP & OCAJP: Java 7 training requirement for the Oracle Certified Professional Programmer dropped 21 Dec 2011

    News - In order to obtain the certified architect position from Oracle, attending and passing a training course is now required. But what about the Java Professional and Java Associate designations, OCPJP and OCAJP for Java 7?

  • Injecting mock beans Into Spring context TheServerSide Newsfeed | 25 Oct 2011

    News - Today I was Googling about mocking when I found the following question: "Injecting mock beans into Spring context for testing. What I want to be able to do is via the HotswappableTargetSource, override the bean definitions of select beans in my...

  • JavaOne 2011: Mark it up as a success TheServerSide Newsfeed | 07 Oct 2011

    News - Last year a cloud of gloom hung over the three or four San Francisco hotels in which Oracle had sliced, diced and distributed all of the JavaOne sessions. There was a clear and palpable feeling of distrust and uncertainty that permeated the on-goings,...

  • An introduction to EJB 3.0 injection and lookup TheServerSide Newsfeed | 16 Aug 2011

    News - The Enterprise JavaBeans Specification v. 3.0 introduces a simplified, annotation based API for EJB injection and lookup. EJB 3.0 are now POJOs and can be injected in other components (such as EJBs and Servlets) using simple annotations. EJB 3.0 is one...

  • Did the lights just dim? IBM WebSphere V8 Released TheServerSide Newsfeed | 28 Jun 2011

    News - IBM has released WebSphere V8, increasing the availability of application servers with support for JEE 6, which is very important. The question is how long it takes to the new crop of application servers get to market, also allowing small businesses to...

  • In Container TDD with EJB3 TheServerSide Newsfeed | 31 May 2011

    News - During my days as a developer I have never become as hooked to something as when the TDD way of working found me. During development of a spring framework "managed" application it evolved into an addiction. Coming back to JEE again 2 years ago got me...