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Java development tools are supported by many platforms and numerous plugins exist to extend the capabilities. In this section, get the latest news on development tools, find advice on how to optimize your use of Java, and follow tutorials to improve your skills when using Java development tools. Learn about valuable tools including the integrated development platform (IDE), and discover tools and plugins you can use to create programs in Java.


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  • MEAN (MongoDB, Ember, Angular, Node) 30 Sep 2015

    Definition - MEAN is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. The MEAN stack is a frontend and backend approach that allows development teams to accomplish projects using JavaScript across all tools.

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  • OpenStack develops its own static code analysis tool for Python 18 Jun 2015

    Feature - For OpenStack, necessity proved to be the mother of invention, leading to development of a static code analysis tool for Python called Bandit.

  • Six Steps to Accelerating Mobile App Testing 17 Jun 2015

    Feature - With software testing being one of the most time consuming steps in the application lifecycle management (ALM) process, everyone is looking at ways to speed up testing. In this article, we look at six ways to accelerate mobile application testing.

  • How to invoke a JSF managed bean asynchronously through JavaScript 04 May 2015

    Tutorial - Sometimes great frameworks like JSF, Wicket or Spring MVC make simple tasks surprisingly difficult to do. With JavaServer Faces, the simple task of invoking a method on a managed bean is actually a bit of a chore. In this tutorial, we tackle that chore...

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