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Java development tools are supported by many platforms and numerous plugins exist to extend the capabilities. In this section, get the latest news on development tools, find advice on how to optimize your use of Java, and follow tutorials to improve your skills when using Java development tools. Learn about valuable tools including the integrated development platform (IDE), and discover tools and plugins you can use to create programs in Java.

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  • DevOps automation tools and Java combine to speed continuous delivery

    Ensuring smooth iterations in both time and continuous delivery is not always as easy as it may seem. Learn about some DevOps strategies for better transitions. Continue Reading

  • Java annotations

    Within the Java development kit (JDK), there are simple annotations used to make comments on code, as well as meta-annotations that can be used to create annotations within annotation-type declarations. Continue Reading

  • Java assert

    Java assert is one of 50 reserved keywords that are protected from use as identifiers for program elements such as objects, classes and variables. Assert's function is to make a claim that a given statement is always true. Continue Reading

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