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Integrated development environments

When creating a Java program, manually compiling, debugging, and creating code can be a time consuming and often fault-ridden process. With an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), many of those tasks can be automated. An IDE is a software designed to facilitate computer application development. An IDE usually contains a source code editor, a compiler and interpreter, and a debugger, and many IDES include additional tools. Popular IDEs for Java programming include Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, and Rational Application Developer. In this section on Integrated Development Environments, find news, research, and tutorials on how to use an IDE, and discover tips and and advice for choosing the IDE that's right from you. The IDE can be an invaluable tool in creating Java applications.


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  • Enterprise architects consider using cloud-based IDEs 31 Mar 2015

    Tip - For many reasons, enterprise architects are now considering cloud-based IDEs as an alternative to a desktop development environment.

  • Troubleshooting Java Code: Log or Re-Throw, but Don't Do Both 06 Mar 2013

    Tip - When building Java applications, proper logging and proper exception handling go hand in hand. But there are times when putting the two together is just plain wrong. This article explains why rethrowing an exception and logging it at the same time is a...

  • Five Neat Things You Can Do Out of the Box with Liferay Portal 23 Feb 2012

    Tip - If you've ever run a competitive portal, you know that so many of them have little more than the "weather portlet" or "bookmarks" portlet after installation. Liferay is amazing because it has such full featured functionality 'out of the box.' Here's just...

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