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JVM performance tuning

Within a Java-based system, a lot of responsibility is put on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to make sure the application runs smoothly and reliably. JVM performance tuning issues are therefore of paramount concern to any Java developer. Application Performance Monitoring systems, interception, triage and collection each play an important role. In this section find news, research and tutorials on how to better understand JVM performance tuning, and get tips and advice for diagnosing and fixing JVM performance tuning more effectively. The JVM must be carefully monitored and attended to for optimum performance.


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  • NoSpinningDiscs: Why your NoSQL solution thirsts for SSDs 02 Mar 2014

    Feature - Organizations are always looking for opportunities to tune their architecture. To achieve massive scalability, many organizations have turned to various NoSQL solutions. But to blend performance with that scalability, organizations need to start...

  • The Scala debate demystified: Balancing the rants with the raves 01 Mar 2014

    Feature - It's been over ten years since Scala appeared on the enterprise computing landscape. Some developers love it, while other developers loath it. Here's a look at what makes some developers rant, while other developers rave.

  • Will performance be the downfall for Java 8 and Project Lambda? 21 Jan 2014

    Feature - Everyone has been anxiously awaiting Java 8 and Project Lambda that comes with it. But has the excitement blinding the Java community to the potential problems that might emerge when developers start using Lambdas en masse?

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