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JVM performance tuning

Within a Java-based system, a lot of responsibility is put on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to make sure the application runs smoothly and reliably. JVM performance tuning issues are therefore of paramount concern to any Java developer. Application Performance Monitoring systems, interception, triage and collection each play an important role. In this section find news, research and tutorials on how to better understand JVM performance tuning, and get tips and advice for diagnosing and fixing JVM performance tuning more effectively. The JVM must be carefully monitored and attended to for optimum performance.


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  • Rethink your tooling: How to make the DevOps promise a reality 23 Mar 2015

    Feature - Many organizations have struggled with breaking down the wall between development and operations. Tools are not the solution to every problem that faces DevOps integration, but they can help to make the DevOps promise a reality. Is it time to rethink...

  • Will ObjectLayout's StructuredArrays finally solve the Java performance problem? 18 Mar 2015

    Feature - Java performance has greatly improved over the years, but getting true, linear scalability has always been a problem, largely due to the way data collections are handled in memory. However, new approaches to memory management are being developed, and...

  • Will value types and structured arrays be Java 9's cap feather? 15 Jan 2015

    Feature - Scalability and performance are always issues that dog the Java platform. But with so many lessons learned from languages like Scala and Clojure, will Java 9 take on these scalability issues by introducing immutable types like structured arrays and value...

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