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Cloud computing applies the resources of many computers in a network cluster to a single problem at the same time. Once confined to scientific or technical problems that require a great number of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data, cloud platforms are now being leveraged to offer enterprise developers more scalable server resources.


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  • Oracle takes ALM to the cloud with the Java SE Cloud Service 27 Oct 2015

    News - Optimized for the cloud, at JavaOne2015, Oracle has announced the Java SE Cloud Service and a new set of developer tools that will simplify application lifecycle management by taking ALM to the cloud.

  • Celebrating 20 years of Java technology at JavaOne 2015 26 Oct 2015

    News - Twenty years is a pretty significant milestone, especially if you're a programming language. At JavaOne 2015, everyone is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Java programming language, and looking ahead at the challenges another 20 years will bring.

  • OpenShift set to revolutionize PaaS platforms 26 Jun 2015

    News - OpenShift not only revolutionizes PaaS platforms, it embraces DevOps by creating tools and advancing technologies that simplify operations professionals' lives.

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  • How is PaaS changing application servers? 09 Dec 2011

    Video - Chris Haddad, VP of technology evangelism at WSO2, describes cloud services like PaaS and how they are affecting application servers.

  • James Gosling Extols the Virtues of Hash Tables and RAM 05 May 2011

    Video - Last September when James Gosling did his BasementCoders interview, he made the following quip: “I've never got it when it comes to SQL databases. It's like, why? Just give me a hash table and a sh*tload of RAM and I'm happy.” That particular quote...

  • Ashesh Badani talks about systems convergence 24 Sep 2010

    Video - The explosion of data and cloud-based application deployments in businesses today are driving a convergence between event-driven architecture, business rules and business process management (BPM), said JBOSS middleware expert Ashesh Badani in an...

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