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Cloud computing applies the resources of many computers in a network cluster to a single problem at the same time. Once confined to scientific or technical problems that require a great number of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data, cloud platforms are now being leveraged to offer enterprise developers more scalable server resources.

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  • The self-service BI proposition: How big data is disrupting business intelligence 09 Aug 2014

    Feature - Massive amounts of data are being crunched in order to provide business intelligence to managers and directors so they can make the right decisions for their organizations. Here we look at how big data is turning BI into a self-service proposition.

  • Integrating Ajax into your Facelets pages: Death to JSF's request-response cycle 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - If you're doing Facelets development, this might be the most important tutorial you will ever read. It will explain to you how to throw out that annoying request-response cycle, and explain how to integrate Ajax based JSF components with a dynamically...

  • Creating pages based on a JSF template: Using the Facelets ui:define tag 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - What do you do once you've set up a handsome page template using the Facelets functions that come with JSF 2.x? Well, you start creating new pages, meshing those ui:define tags in with ui:composition and ui:insert. It's easier than it sounds, trust me.

  • Turning a web page into a JSF 2.0 template with Facelets 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - How do you take a web page and turn it into a template using Facelets as the template engine? It takes some JSF, some HTML, maybe some CSS, and lots of JSF UI tags, but overall, it's an easy and simple process if you follow this tutorial.

  • How Amazon tools are solving Big Data problems with Big Data Analytics 23 Jun 2014

    Feature - Companies are amassing data on a massive scale these days, and new tools are need to bring Big Data Analytics to the Big Data systems many organizations are maintaining. Here we look at how Amazon and various AWS offerings are helping to do big data...

  • Affordable performance and scalability with AWS Big Data solutions 22 Jun 2014

    Feature - Achieving an affordable database solution that is both scalable and performant has always been a challenge, but Amazon has put scalability and performance within the reach of all sizes of business with their NoSQL solutions that have grown out of their...

  • Is AWS cloud security really out of your hands? 22 Jun 2014

    Feature - There is a great number of misconceptions when it comes to cloud based security, and just how much control the client has over the security of their resources and data that are running in a virtualize space. Is AWS cloud security out of the hands of the...

  • Finding a needle in a big data haystack: Cloud based analytics to the rescue 19 May 2014

    Feature - Organizations are handling more and more data all the time, and a big problem is figuring out how to find an important piece of information in peta-bytes of big data. How can it be done? Cloud based technologies that can burst and grow are becoming the...

  • Tactics, tools and teamwork: Effectively managing cloud security 19 May 2014

    Feature - Managing security in the cloud is a completely new ball game, from dealing with remote storage, to worrying about who has access to your programs and applications. Here we talk with the experts from TrendMicro about how cloud computing is changing the...

  • Finding the Scala sweet spot: Balancing people, process and tools 12 May 2014

    Feature - Many organizations are hoping that a move to Scala will help them solve some of their most challenging software problems, from improving scalability to minimizing code bloat. But to find the Scala sweet spot, organizations must balance the people,...