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Test your knowledge of JVM profiling tools with this quiz

Since their inclusion in Java 11, Java Flight Recorder and JDK Mission Control have become the de facto Java profiling tools for the JVM. Test your knowledge with these 10 questions.

Every DevOps professional who oversees a Java-based runtime wants to optimize performance and fine tune the underlying Java virtual machine (JVM). To do so, engineers must inspect and monitor both the applications that their servers host and the underlying JVM upon which they run. That's where JDK Mission Control and the Java Flight Recorder come in.

Is there a memory leak problem in one of your programs? JDK Mission Control can help you find it. Is there a renegade thread over-allocating objects? A Java profiling tool like Java Flight Recorder can help gather the metrics you need to isolate it.

The power of JVM profilers

Developers can inadvertently choose an incorrect collection class or put an unnecessary load on the CPU by needlessly autoboxing primitives into wrapper classes. Mission Control and the powerful Flight Recorder Java profiling tool can help track, identify and correct these mistakes.

So, how well do you know these open source Java profiling and JVM tuning tools? Take the following 10-question JVM profiler quiz and see how well you know Flight Recorder and Mission Control.

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