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Modular tools enable rapid and simplified development of distributed, transactional, secure and portable applications based on Java technology. This section provides news and information, including product ideas and best practices for modular tools and techniques.


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  • Devoxx for Kids at Fluent 27 Mar 2014

    Conference News - Learn about Devoxx for Kids, a computer programming educational nonprofit that was presented at Fluent.

  • OCPJP & OCAJP: Java 7 training requirement for the Oracle Certified Professional Programmer dropped 21 Dec 2011

    News - In order to obtain the certified architect position from Oracle, attending and passing a training course is now required. But what about the Java Professional and Java Associate designations, OCPJP and OCAJP for Java 7?

  • Injecting mock beans Into Spring context TheServerSide Newsfeed | 25 Oct 2011

    News - Today I was Googling about mocking when I found the following question: "Injecting mock beans into Spring context for testing. What I want to be able to do is via the HotswappableTargetSource, override the bean definitions of select beans in my...

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  • The JavaScript and HTML5 trend continues for mobile development 11 Aug 2013

    Feature - Debate rages on over whether mobile applications should be developed with Objective C for iOS or Java for Android, but with the latest advances in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, more mobile development is being done with HTML than ever before.

  • How 'big data' solved the content management (CMS) problem 23 Apr 2013

    Tutorial - Content management systems that need to sift through huge amounts of data are big data problems in need of a solution. Fortunately, projects like Hadoop and MapReduce are coming to the rescue.

  • Common mistakes to avoid when designing distributed SOA systems 06 Feb 2013

    Feature - In an effort to gain some insight into how to best approach application design and architecting distributed SOA based systems, TheServerSide reached out to Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz, the author of SOA Design Patterns, for his insights on the topic.

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