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Java testing frameworks

Java testing frameworks often require tools that monitor and can track errors and exceptions in a program and which can measure performance. In this section on Java testing frameworks, read about the latest Java software testing tools and frameworks and discover strategies for testing efficiently and economically.


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  • Troubleshooting the most common compile-time errors in Java code 24 Aug 2012

    Tutorial - In this second tutorial in a series on Java programming, we look at how to troubleshoot and fix the most commonly encountered compiler errors.

  • How BI + ALM = ALI and real-time application traceability 12 Oct 2011

    Video - Pairing business intelligence with application lifecycle management (ALM) promises to deliver real-time application requirements traceability and simplify change management, said Kelly Emo, HP director of applications product marketing, in a JavaOne 2011...

  • Ashesh Badani on cloud computing pain points 23 Sep 2010

    Video - Cloud computing's pain points for developers include challenges in capacity planning, "policying" and increasing needs for flexibility in programming,according to Ashesh Badani, senior director of JBOSS Enterprise Middleware for Red Hat. In this video,...

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