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Java developer tutorials a popular destination for 2018 readers

What were readers interested in during 2018? Java developer tutorials topped the list. Learn how to integrate RESTful APIs, GIT, and Jenkins CI tools.

The most popular articles on TheServerSide tend to be the highly technical ones that hit directly at the heart of the enterprise Java developer. While we report important news, discuss interesting trends and cover key conferences, the most-read articles tend to be the ones that deal directly with development. For 2018, our most popular articles were Java developer tutorials on new APIs, frameworks such as Spring or the tools and techniques server-side developers use to move code into production.

Here is some of our best and essential coverage for developers on the front lines.


Integration is always a challenge on the back end. So it's no wonder that readers have the development of RESTful APIs with both Spring and Java EE on their minds. These Java developer tutorials were particularly popular:

Web-centric applications

This article on using Spring boot to develop web-centric applications was a surprise hit:

Git and GitHub integrations

Of course, our readers are interested in more than just development APIs. They want to know about the tools that make developers productive and how to use them effectively. Git topped the list of tools enterprise developers are learning to master. These Java developer tutorials on Git and GitHub integration were extremely popular:

CI/CD tools for DevOps

DevOps is also a topic that is picking up steam, particularly ways to put DevOps tools to use. TheServerSide in 2018 offered these continuous integration and continuous delivery tutorials:

Maven, the jack of all builds

These articles showed that Maven, the Swiss army knife of Java development tools, remained a popular topic:

TheServerSide will continue to cover a variety of topics that touch all areas of software development, from ensuring code quality to how to best embark upon a DevOps transition. As always, the focus will be on what empowers our readers to be better and more productive developers.

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