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10 Git quiz questions to test your distributed version control skills

Test your distributed version control knowledge with this 10 Git questions quiz. It's a quick test that will see how well you know the basics of the popular DVCS tool.

As more organizations move away from centralized version control systems in favor of distributed ones, many developers are experiencing their first introduction to Git, GitHub and GitLab. These 10 Git quiz questions will test your knowledge on a variety of topics, including the use of basic Git commands, the history of the Git tool and the current status of some of the important vendors in this market segment.

Good luck. These Git quiz questions aren't easy.

Git quiz questions recap

So, how did you do on these introductory Git quiz questions for beginners? Were the Git quiz questions easy or hard?

This Git quiz pulled from a variety of different areas. Other Git tests to follow will focus more on the commands used to manipulate the Git commit history, Jenkins-Git integration, how to interact with remote Git repositories and how to share source code with fellow developers. But for now, be proud of your Git quiz results, and don't be afraid to share them with your friends on Twitter.

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